As part of our initiative to make Good for the Ground bags more widely available we developed a Home Pack range. Made in two different sizes of 10 bags each the Home Packs are designed to bring environmentally friendly packaging to your home.

Large Home Pack 300mm x 130mm with 80mm gusset and
10 stickers
Small Home Pack 200mm x 100mm with 50mm gusset and
10 stickers

Special Features
Each pack comes with a set of 10 stickers to help seal the bags or write notes for the freezer. The ‘dead-fold’ property also means that you can simply fold over and press down or clip with a clothes peg to seal. Bags are re-usable. Just rinse out and dry. The side gusset makes the bags open up and provide more space for those sandwiches or left over cheese.

Packaging Ideas:

  kids sandwiches or school snacks
left over cheese
lettuce or vegetables
dried fruit or nuts
food for camping or hiking trips
meat, pies or berries for the freezer
buttons and beads
first aid items in the car
toiletries for when you travel
kids toys – lego, puzzle pieces

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Good for the Ground bags are produced in a number of sizes for use in commercial packaging. Make your packaging an attractive part of your product. See About Us for production details.

Physical Properties
- High stiffness
  Optical Characteristics
- High transparency
- Exceptional gloss
- Very low haze
Film Characteristics
- Compostable & biodegradable
- Laser markable
- Resistance to oil and grease
- Twistable with excellent deadfold

  Special Characteristics
- Thermoformable
- Printable
- High heat seal strength
- Thermolaminatable

Ideal for
Vegetables, fruit, dried goods, berries, cheese, pastries and bread, biscuits,
muesli or anywhere that a plastic bag would be used.
Stationary, gift cards, magazine covers, document sleeves……
Flowers, soap, candles, bathsalts……..

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